Home Insurance Protect your home and valuables

When you're home that is your peace of mind. Keep your peace of mind assuring yourself that your home and your investment is fully covered from any damages that may occur your way.

Home Insurance What is Home Insurance? and why is it Important?

Basic homeowners policies cover damage to the house caused by fire, vandalism, hurricane, lightning, or other specifically covered events. Homeowners policies also cover loss or damage of personal property due to theft or other covered events. Expensive collections of jewelry or furs might need additional rider policy coverage. Losing possessions can be a shock if you never considered that possibility when opting against homeowners insurance. Policies also cover liability up to certain limits, protecting the insured in case someone injures himself on the property. They also pay for costs if someone sues the homeowner. Some people increase the amount of liability insurance they have with umbrella or extension coverage.

Renters Insurance Insurance coverage protection for belongings

A renters insurance policy is a group of coverage's designed to help protect renters living in a house or apartment. A typical renters insurance policy includes three types of coverage that help protect you, your belongings and your living arrangements after a covered loss

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