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Liability Insurance

Auto liability insurance coverage helps cover the costs of the other driver’s property and bodily injuries if you’re found at fault in an accident. If you have liability insurance, your insurance provider will cover costs for the driver’s damaged car, minus your deductible, and up to your covered limit.

Full Coverage Insurance

Full coverage is shorthand for policies that cover not only your liability but damage to your car as well. Protect your invest. This type of insurance is to keep you from being financially ruined by an accident or incident. This coverage typically covers personal injury, bodily injury and medical expenses.

SR-22 Insurance

A DMV may require an SR-22 from a driver to reinstate his or her driving privileges following an uninsured car accident or conviction of another traffic-related offense, such as a DUI. An SR-22 may be required for three years for conviction of driving without insurance or driving with a suspended license and up to five years for a DUI.